Our highly skilled team has years of experience servicing and repairing commercial fire alarm systems, security systems, cameras, and access control systems. We work fast to ensure you are back online quickly when something goes wrong and take pride in a job well done. Intercept Controls has spent decades helping business owners throughout the Pacific Northwest feel more secure on their property. We provide efficient services and take pride in knowing your commercial property will always be well protected with a system designed, installed, and repaired by our professionals. A system is only valuable when it’s up and running, but occasionally something goes wrong. When it does, our vigilant and highly skilled team knows what is needed to get you back online in the shortest possible time. We’ve got you.


We design and customize low-voltage systems that are specific to your unique property. We know where to place individual units for maximum effectiveness, and always tailor our design strategy to fix potential high-risk areas such as parking lots, kitchens, or anywhere higher security is needed.

If your system has been around a long time, you may not be taking advantage of great leaps forward in technology. Maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade. Contact us for options, and we’ll share our expertise.


After we design your new low-voltage system, Intercept Controls will install it up to specs using our experience and the latest technology to ensure it is working as it should from day one. We use equipment from trusted, industry-leading manufacturers, and complete your installation on time and within your budget.

Whether upgrading your current system or installing a brand new one, your installation will be code compliant and protective of your business or property. We only source equipment from trusted, industry-leading manufacturers, and we have a well-earned reputation for completing work on time and under budget. This phase is where you’ll experience a lot of transparent communication.


We live in an era where technology is evolving at a rapid rate, constantly coming up with new and better ways to do things. By monitoring your commercial security or fire systems, you can stay ahead of any issues while ensuring your property is always in good hands. This includes video surveillance, 24-hour answering service, digitally recorded telephone service, wireless monitoring, and dealer access and reporting. System monitoring can only be as good as the system that it’s connected to. At Intercept Controls, we’ve spent over 35 years installing and connecting reliable alarm systems.

Monitoring your commercial security or fire systems helps you stay ahead of any issues while ensuring you are protected. This might include video surveillance, 24-hour answering service, digitally recorded telephone services, wireless monitoring, and/or dealer access and reporting. We work with monitoring companies who have earned great reputations but remember…monitoring is only as good as the system that it’s connected to.


A regularly scheduled fire systems inspection can be the difference between a fire that is contained, with damage kept to a minimum, and one that spreads and causes severe harm to the property–and in a worst-case scenario–to the people who work there. Our techs are state-certified and take great pride in their detailed, methodical approach, while making sure to always keep you apprised and updated. We test and inspect your safety systems to be sure they are well-maintained and operating at peak efficiency. This is not only vital for your safety, but it can also potentially save you money by reducing the need for repairs and service in the long-term.